AIDS Research Group

Since 1985, the RITM AIDS Research Group has been doing pioneering work in HIV/AIDS related biomedical and social research, training on multidisciplinary management and setting the standards of care for Filipinos with HIV and AIDS.

Rabies Research Group

Formed in 1992, the Rabies Research group (RRG) is a dedicated group of physicians, veterinarians, medical technologists, nurses and technical staff conducting research on human and animal rabies using a One-Health approach.

Dengue Research Group

With the increase in incidence of dengue in the country that led to increased awareness about the disease, the Dengue Study Group was organized some twenty five years ago.

Malaria Research Group

The Malaria Program of the Department of Health, Philippines aims to eliminate malaria by 2030.

Emerging Infectious Diseases Research Group

The RITM-Tohoku Research Collaborating Center for Emerging and Reemerging Infections was launched in April 2008.

Tuberculosis Research Group

The impetus aim of the Group was to initiate studies that could help understand, control and prevent multi-drug resistant tuberculosis and to improve the diagnosis of pulmonary and extra-pulmonary tuberculosis.

Schistosomiasis Research Group

The RITM-Schistosomiasis Study Group was organized by Dr. Remigio M. Olveda in early 1981 to generate research evidence-based information that will lead to the elimination and or eradication of schistosomiasis in the Philippines.

Leprosy Research Group

The Leprosy Research Group,established in 1992 conducted many researches in collaboration with DOH and WHO. All residents are required to have at least one research paper prior to graduation with their consultant/s as co-investigators.

Acute Respiratory Infections Research Group

The objective of the ARI study group is to conduct researches to help control childhood pneumonia.

Diarrhea and Other Enteric Viruses Research Group

The Diarrhea Study Group was established in 1981 under the leadership of Dr. Mediadora Saniel.

Filovirus Research Group

The Filovirus Research Program (FRP) was estabished in 1996 following the third known outbreak of Ebola Reston among Philippine macaque monkeys exported to the US in April of that year.