1992 Annual Report

Nineteen ninety two (1992) was a year of challenges and opportunities for RITM. Its research agenda widened, with new emphasis given to research work which are immediately applicable to improving the health of the Filipino people. Download RITM Annual Report 1992

1990 Annual Report

As a government agency, the RITM is constantly reminded that its existence and continued operation depend, to a great extent, on political and economic forces in its external environment. Like most public institutions, RITM felt the disastrous effects of various calamities which plagued the country in 1990. Despite the resulting resource constrains, RITM rose to continue reading : 1990 Annual Report

1988 Annual Report

Towards the end of first quarter of the year 1988, the Technical Cooperation Project (TCP) between the governments of Japan and the Philippines was culminated after more than seven years of successful implementation. Under the TCP, twenty-one Filipinos were trained in Japan to augment RITM’s existing laboratory capabilities. Download RITM Annual Report 1988