RITM, through its Laboratory Research Division (LRD), provides technical expertise in the laboratory diagnosis and characterization of infectious agents in the country. LRD is ably supported by competent researchers, well-equipped facilities, and highly-proficient lab staff. We are guided by policies and procedures that give premium to quality and timely results.

RITM hosts National Reference Laboratories and World Health Organization (WHO) – recognized laboratories. These lead centers are tasked with performing laboratory research, monitoring of disease occurrence and spread (surveillance), and rapid outbreak response.

Furthermore, we extend our expertise by helping other laboratories in the country. We conduct training programs and provide guidance documents and technical assistance. We also have programs to ensure the quality of testing of other infectious disease laboratories.

We gear all these activities in support of DOH’s thrust in the prevention and control of infectious and tropical diseases of public health importance.

Our laboratory services, trainings and researches are carried out in various specialized facilities:

Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance Reference Laboratory
Animal Research Laboratory
Medical Entomology Laboratory – Insectary
Medical Entomology Laboratory – Entomological Taxonomy
Medical Entomology Laboratory – Bioefficacy Testing
Immunology Laboratory
Microbiology – Bacterial Enterics
Microbiology – Mycology Laboratory
Microbiology – Routine Aerobic Culture Laboratory
Molecular Biology Laboratory
Parasitology – Malaria Microscopy
Pathology – Routine Clinical Laboratory
Pathology – Histopathology/Autopsy
Pathology – Electron Microscopy
P2+ Facility
Special Pathogens Laboratory
Transfusion-Transmitted Infection Reference Laboratory
Tuberculosis/Mycobacteriology Laboratory
RITM Training Center Laboratories
Virology Serology Laboratory
Virology Cell Culture Laboratory (Virology Annex 1)
Molecular Virology Laboratory (Virology Annex 2)