Welcome to the online registration portal of the RITM National External Quality Assessment Scheme (NEQAS)!
NEQAS evaluates the performance of participating laboratories by assessing the integrity of the entire testing from sample receipt to releasing of test results. This would allow comparison of the laboratory’s testing to the performance of a peer group and/or the national reference laboratory.

The panels offered by the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine consist of a combination of positive and negative samples that are designed to mimic patient samples. Completed tests are then encoded online via Oneworld Accuracy System (OASYS), a cloud-based application developed by 1WA, and the data are then analyzed under ISO13528. Performance reports are provided to the participants to assess their results and compare their performance against their peer group.

Participation in an EQAS program is required under local regulatory policies for a laboratory to operate.

Registration covers the following programs offered by the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine:
Transfusion Transmissible Infections